The history of C86 is still full of forgotten bands and singles. Stacks of great 7″s waiting to be discovered. Maybe a Japanese or two are aware of them; you know how they are. Okay, back to the title of the post. Yes, I am from Peru. You knew that? but this time I’m not writing about the hipsters back home. They are called ‘arties’ in Lima, they abound. They flock the district of Barranco and dress at Neo Mutatis. Im sure the word hipster wouldn’t mean much there. I’m writing today about a Welsh band that was called Peruvian Hipsters. Coincidence or not, I love their only single. Being Peruvian I find it ironic. I can’t imagine any hipsters back in 80s Lima. During those years there was a big post punk scene in the bleak city and terrorism was everywhere… being flashy, being hipster.. that wasn’t happening. Today as I said, the story is different.

The band formed by Nigel Buckland, Ashley Evans, Phillip Holt and Jeff Hughes only recorded this 7″ on Freak Medicine Recordings (first time I hear about this label!). The A side is “Tony Hadley”… you say who? the real Tony Hadley was the main guy from Spandau Ballet. The B side was It Doesn’t Happen Everyday. What happened to them after? Why didn’t they record more songs? Why are they not more known if Tony Hadley is such a phenomenal slice of guitar pop? So many questions to ask the band from the Rhondda valley. I wonder if one day I could ask them this questions and more. Especially asking them… why Peruvian Hipsters?! and hey! have you ever been to Peru? Right now the country is GREAT! We even get indiepop bands go and play… I’ve heard Acid House Kings are next!

…and I wonder when I’ll be back.


Peruvian Hipsters – Tony Hadley

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“What happened to them after? Why didn’t they record more songs? Why are they not more known….” These questions puzzle me as well, Roque. I’d add “How do you find this stuff?” to the list of puzzling questions. However you do it–thanks. much.

January 13th, 2011

They actually got in touch on the old blog, before I had to lose all comments. But after I wrote them an email back they never replied, so I can’t really answer those questions 🙁
They did set up a myspace short after:

January 13th, 2011

My dad is Phil Holt!

Mia Holt
January 4th, 2013

My best mate is Niall Thomas. the drummer from the Hipsters.

September 20th, 2014

I met them in Wales in 1986.
They played for us on the street.
I have an old tape from them, with three songs.
I was seeking for information when I found this website, thanks Roque !
Could you please keep in touch if you got any news ?

November 11th, 2014

Of course Chris!

November 11th, 2014

Thats the photo I took back in the days for the back of the single sleeve 🙂

December 1st, 2014

I’m the Peruvian Hipsters guitarist, Nigel. Love to answer any questions you might have
Even after ALL these years
Nige xx

Nigel Buckland
May 9th, 2017