Back from vacations. A bit of a shame they last so little, but I had such a good time in Italy that I can just wait another month until I get my last vacation week this year. In the meantime it’s time to work, to get things done and keep discovering new music.

This week I received the final master for the Suncharms release. I’ll get the details on the website pretty soon and will send the CD compilation to press too. Together with Don’t Cry Shopgirl, these will be our last offerings this year. The Pale Spectres 7″ should come out shortly though, most possibly around January.

On my vacations I was totally out of the loop and didn’t listen to any indiepop songs and I didn’t even check if there was any indiepop news. So this post is a bit short because of that. I need to recoup and check what’s been cooking the past few weeks. I know there are some interesting releases that I need to get a hold and I will definitely recommend them to you the next week. I just need to organize a list of which are the ones worth checking out.

The only interesting bit of contact with indiepop was a tweet I received while I was away. Brucey from the 1,2,3 Alright blog was asking if anyone could help him find any information about the band Daisycutters that appears on the Hoopla compilation. I remembered that long time ago I wanted to write about them on my blog (and I don’t know really why I forgot to do that). So I said, I’ll take on the investigation.

Today while looking for clues about this band I felt so empty-handed that it’s a bit of a shame to write this post. I wanted to help find something but I really found nothing! The only information really that exists about them is that they appeared on the Hoopla tape released in 1988 by La Di Da, that amazing label that I’ve mention a ton of times here in the blog, and also on the LP version of this compilation released by Accident Records in 2000.

On the tape compilation they only contributed one song, “Friends”. On the LP reissue, because of the unavailability of the original masters of some of the songs, they included one more song “The Sea”. So that’s more or less what I know about them. That they at least recorded 2 songs.

Another safe bet is to assume they were from Brighton. Most bands on the La Di Da compilations and releases were based there, and they even recorded in the famed Grant’s Kitchen. That’s Grant Lyons, La Di Da’s brain, place. The credits though just say that the songs were recorded by Daisycutters. No other names. That makes it even more difficult to track them.

I googled and looked under every rock. There were other Daisycutters bands. They were not very good. I learned that a daisycutter is a actually a bomb, an immensely powerful aerial bomb that derives its destructive power from the mixture of ammonium nitrate and aluminum powder with air.

But that’s really all I could find. The thing is, I’m pretty sure some of you might be able to help me. If Accident Records, in 2000 was able to find them and get in touch, when there was no social media, and get another song from them to be included in their reissue of sorts of the Hoopla tape (just making sure you know that the tape and the LP are not the same, they have a different tracklist!), well, I think we might be able to get in touch and learn more about them.

Why do we want to get in touch? Well, their two songs are just pure indiepop bliss. They have the girl vocas, the chiming guitars, and the catchy melodies, all of that that remind me of Nine Steps to Ugly or The Fat Tulips. The kind of indiepop I love.

So if you can help Bruce, me, and the whole indiepop community to find out more about this band that be great. Anything you remember is good, gigs they played, demo tapes they released, any other song name you remember, their band members, where they were based exactly, what year did they split, if they were involved with other bands, anything will do!

Edit: Uwe from Firestation sent me a message saying: I think Daisycutters were pre Fabulous Friends. If I remember right, they changed their name after the Hoopla-tape was released and then released that split flexi with Jason Smart soon after.

Edit #2: Ben from Did Not Chart blog shared a scan from the Hoopla fanzine. With it we confirm they were based in Brighton and we get to know the first names of the band members and what they played (Jill sang and played tambourine, Tom played guitar and 12 string, Grant played the bass, Jason played his guitar and Billy played the drums).


Daisycutters – Friends