I’ve always wanted to collect stamps but I never did. I do have tons of stamps all around my cork board that I’ve saved from the packages I receive from all over the world. Packages containing indiepop of course. But I wouldn’t say that’s a collection. I mean, I dont have a clue which are the rare stamps, or the ones that cost a lot of money. Also, many of the ones I have are repeated. I have tons of that Swedish one that has an osprey, for example. So many, that I could make a wallpaper out of it!

Yesterday, while waiting for some friends to arrive for an indiepop listening party, I was going through some of the stuff that came on these packages. Looking this time in my demos/CD-R/tapes box. There’s lots of stuff that deserve a writeup I think! But the one that caught my attention was this CD-R by this lovely Swedish duo. Why? Must have been the extreme cuteness of the pencil coloured sleeve or the handwritten tracklist on the back. Or the sweet note the girls wrote me?

You know, this was a last.fm miracle. I was the top listener of this band back in early 2006. One day I get an email asking me: “I’m just curious how you found out about My brother’s stamp collection!”. Just like that, out of the blue. I did learn that the band was a duo formed by Marita and Matilda, from Sweden. And how wouldn’t I be a top listener? These were lovely songs of the twee variety: very lo-fi, toy instruments, glockenspiels, and girlie vocals.

After that I emailed with Marita a couple of times and told me a bit about the band:

We just made a couple of songs for fun and recorderd on tape, like 2 years ago. So right now nothing really happens. But maybe we will do something soon, at least I want to! It’s quite funny, because we were not inspired by anything specific when we wrote the songs. I had learned to play like three chords on the guitar, so we just improvised! (February 2006)

A curious thing, that not many know is that their song “Rocker Boy” was covered by Nixon on his 2004 release “Crazy, Sexy, Cool” (it appears on this release as Rocker Boi – yes with an I instead of a Y). I believe Matilda was a good friend of Roger.

Then one day I received this fantastic CD-R on my mailbox. And I loved it. It included all of their recordings which were:

  1. Shoes Not Books
  2. Candy Song
  3. Rocker Boy
  4. Breakfast Fun
  5. Romantic Comedy
  6. High Heels
  7. Sneakers
  8. The Best Day

I never heard again from them. They told me they wanted to record more songs. I hope they did. I wonder how they sounded like. Maybe like this KitKat I’m eating now, sweet and crunchy? Or like a rosé wine? Maybe you like them too


My Brother’s Stamp Collection – Romantic Comedy

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you are so super band and thanks god that i found YOU

xristos savvidis
February 24th, 2011