Today I felt it was time for some ramshackle pop in here. Not very sure where to start, I went over some of the latest posts on blogs I frequently visit. I thought about posting about Juniper (as Skatterbrain did), but I think I’ve found one of the members and thought: “always an interview is better than whatever I can write about a band”. Facts coming first hand from the band are way better. Especially as I’m pretty sure the A Turntable Friend 7″ was their first release and not the Orange Peel one as stated by Matthew, but, who knows. Both were out 1996. I only own the Fantastic Records 7″. Anyways, moving on, because I felt like writing at 12:30 am, I went over some of those legendary tapes from the 80s. Why not, most of the bands that appear in them are quite unknown to me. And listening them again always bring a surprise.

Perfect Kiss are a very difficult band to google. Of course, New Order’s song is what comes up most, if you were wondering. The song “So Many Alike” that appeared on the Positively Teenage cassette tape is the only one I know from them. It’s an upbeat, ramshackling slice of pop, quite lo-fi, quite happy, a little treat. It totally has a demo feel to it which I find charming. I wonder if they recorded any more songs. I bet Stephen Almighty Pop! must know something else about them (or maybe has a demo tape in a box in his garage!), especially as he put the tape out and the address for Perfect Kiss, on the fanzine, tells that they lived in Durham, UK. Same as Stephen!

What does it say about them on the zine?

Ashley Staff – Drums
The only drummer to have a drumroll every five seconds. This country lad from Town Kelloe is never sober (or is that in time) he also has a wicked lire in Callini t-shirts. Compensates by being a good laugh.

Dave Hickson – Vocals, Guitar
Unfortunately Dave loves Bronwyn from ‘Neighbours’ which has dented his credibility. However his wicked song introductions and bottom wiggling allows him to play guitar and sing as cool as Ralph McTell. He is to the band what Cliff Richards was to the Shadows.

Paul Dixon – Guitar
Walks home in the t-shirt while its snowing. Only just joined so is not featured on ‘So Many Alike’ but his stage prescense will allow Dave to insult the audience. Achieves amazing amplifier distortion when he remembers to turn it on.

Martin Scott – Bass
Falls asleep during practices and often pouts, (but is usually chewing a Cadbury’s creme egg). Refuses to turn his amp down, probably because he doesn’t know how to, he also suggests cover versions no-one else wants to do.

And that’s all. But maybe somebody else can throw some more facts, bits and bobs, maybe a gig review (!), on the comments section! Always good to know the whereabouts and what happened to the members.


Perfect Kiss – So Many Alike