Bush is out of the White House. I wish he was kicked out as a dog, but well, this is a civilized country. But I do believe he won’t be singing as it has been one of the worst governments, if not the worst, in this country’s history. In the other hand, we are happy about him leaving office, so why not listen to a bush that does sing? Alright! So let’s listen to The Singing Bush! This was a short lived project of Mary Wyer of Even as We Speak during the mid-nineties, just in between the Sarah band and Her Name in Lights. As far as I know, there are only two songs recorded under this name: “Do What He Says (Richard, Richard)” and “Anita’s Son”.

“Do What He Says” appeared on the first Drive-In Records release, the Season 7″, a 4 way split that included songs by the Cat’s Miaow, Madison Electric, and the Shapiros. This same track would later appear on the Library Records & Drive-In compilation “Indie Aid Abroad: A Little Help for East Timor.” Not many times we see labels supporting such good political causes like this one, helping East Timor after the attacks by the Indonesian army in 1999, when they were reclaiming independence for the 2nd time. If I was one of the bands contributing in this CD I would surely be proud about it. This song seems to be about Richard Kingsmill, a DJ at the, Australian government funded, Triple J radio station. Maybe he helped Mary and her bands at his show? Furthermore, there’s even a great video for this song here. By watching the video, noticing the typical Mexican costumes, it’s not that crazy to think that the name of the band comes from the movie Three Amigos. Yeah, the one where Steve Martin and co. are looking for the ’singing bush’! Their second song was “Anita’s Son” which appeared on the Whirl-Wheels compilation on Shelflife. Could it be about Anita Raynor from Even as We Speak? And that was it. All their discography were two songs, both released in 1996 and in compilation releases.

Perhaps there were more recordings by Mary under this name? If you know anything else please share with us!


Do What he Says (Richard, Richard)