Hello Popkids,

I lost my blog to a hacker attack in 2007. Interviews, reviews and more went down the sink. I thought I would never write a blog again. It was disheartening. So I started a paper fanzine, and I love doing it much more than anything… but anyways….

In the last months I’ve started reading blogs more often (indiepop blogs that is). And I’ve noticed I don’t like most of them. I don’t think most of them have done their homework. Sometimes they champion things too fast, undeservedly. Most of the times they mix good bands with bad bands. Why not stick to good ones? I don’t understand.

Then there is the other blog category… that one that offers free album downloads. I don’t like those. They are dispassionate. They are COLD, it’s if like music was throwaway. Oh dear, it’s not.

When there’s nothing you like, you make it happen. So that’s what I’m doing. Im starting this blog to go along with all my indiepop projects, to recommend some bands, to make you track some old 7″s, and interview the people that are interesting to me. I just hope you like it.