It’s been a lazy Sunday morning and I’ve been reading some old fanzines. Going through them I started wondering about The Bedflowers. Fanzine writers say that they were going to be the next Siddeleys. Their demo tape was really appreciated at the time. I haven’t had the chance to listen to that tape. Maybe Peter Twee.net has it? But now he is traveling all around Mexico.

I read Richard’s Waaaaaah number 3. He has been to a gig of The Bedflowers. Nine minutes and nine songs. Janice asks for more vocals and promises to do better. Two songs later and the crowd notices: “they’re playing the same set again!”. Eighteen minutes and they’ve finished the gig, playing twice their same set.

The Bedflowers was a duo: Janice White and Danny Moran and they were from the Manchester area. Their demo tape I’m looking for was released by Bop Cassettes. I know that label! They released the early stuff from The Man of Delmonte (one of my favourites!). The demo was called “Songs: Summer 1990″ and included three songs, “Madly in Love with 25 People”, “You’re Not Blonde and Stupid, But Nobody’s Perfect” and “I’m So Cool”. The other only song I know, the one I’ve heard, is “My Ex-Lovers Address” that came on “The Waaaaaah! CD”. Which is indeed a great tune but it seems that the sound of the band had changed by this time. From what I read, their early stuff was more similar to The Fat Tulips or Screeming Custard! That sounds like heaven to me!

On Bubbyworld, Richard Waaaaaah says that the band recorded a 12″ that was never released. Could that be true? I would love to interview them and learn more from them. If you know if they are around please let me know. I’m dead curious about them. So many great reviews, great songs, and then just disappearing to dust?


The Bedflowers- My Ex-Lovers Address