This interview happened September 2007

++ Tell us a bit of your first release “A Short Melodrama”. What are your expectations?

It was meant to be an EP but I think it turned out to be more of an album. That mostly because I wanted to “get rid of” all the old songs that otherwise would be stuck in a computer folder forever. The songs together form the story of my past two-three years, not chronological though. You have to piece them together!

++ You signed for a new little label called Cosy Den Recordings, that many haven’t heard about it. Why do you decide to do so? What are your future plans release-wise?

My first proper show was at Cosy Den (Gothenburg) in late April this year. It was a very intimate atmosphere at the club which was great since I don’t have a lot experience of playing live. The audience was really nice. Later, Mattias, the very enterprising guy behind the label and the club “Cosy Den” asked me how I felt about an EP release. Of course I agreed to release an EP, it’s not like I’ve had many offers before, and besides I know Mattias takes an active interest in the bands that play at Cosy Den, which also was what I experienced before and during the show in Gotheburg. I knew a first time release at Cosy Den would mean being in safe hands! Later it also turned out he’s really good at marketing the CD’s!
There are no future plans. Maybe I’ll record some new songs some day soon. No one knows.

++ When you play live you count with the help of your friend Agnes, what does she bring to After School Sports? What are the pros and cons of being a one-person band?

Recording songs alone means you don’t have to compromise with anyone else, which is one of the pros. But playing them live all alone is maybe one of the cons, so that’s why Agnes plays with me. She brings a lift to the vocals with some lovely pitches and since she is one of my best friends she also makes it all a party!

++ Your songs have a very strong sense of humour, what are your inspiration for writing such witty songs? How does the creative process works for you?

Maybe they become witty because they are honest, and by that maybe ridiculous too. I don’t write artificially, although with a twist of self distance.

++ Before being .. School Sports you had a wonderful band called The Never Invited to Parties, can you tell us a bit about it?

It’s still a mystery that people even know about The Never Invited to Parties. It was me and my best friends, 14 years old, rehearsing 1,5 hours every week with a neo-metal drummer who someone literally placed in our band to make sure our rehearsing hours was not just a waste of time. Our classmates had never heard about such a thing as indie pop, despite that most of our very few actual gigs happened to occur at our school.

++ Which are your favorite bands nowadays from the Stockholm music scene? What about the main influences for your band? Would you say you’ve been influenced by Swedish tweelectro bands like Action Biker or even Compute?

I would say my main inspirations are the mix of indie pop/twee and the mainstream pop of the 90s that I listened to when I was about 10. I think my goal sometimes is to sound like a girl who’s trying to sound like a random radio hit, but sadly fails to do so. Concerning the Stockholm music scene there’s not much to say. Besides, I’m not very updated. I get influenced by the bands of people I know or just random music. But OK I like Rough bunnies a lot. And Erik Halldén and Strawberry Fair. Action Biker is sweet but I’ve never heard Compute.

++ How would you define a perfect day for Alice? What will you do? What else do you like doing besides music?

Well I’m actually not very involved in music. Or maybe I am but I don’t feel like I am. And I think the perfect day always depends of what you did the day before.

++ What are the values of indiepop? Do you think indiepop can make a difference? Do you believe that there is in an indiepop international community?

Yes of course but the border between indie and mainstream is not very clear. Everyone wants a radio hit and everyone gets one! I don’t know if indie pop’s still indie. Or is it just Sweden? I don’t know.

++ If you could make three wishes, which will they be?

I would want a machine that could change other people’s actions in any way I want. A nice ending to the short melodrama. And world peace of course.